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Do fat fighters have more punching power?

Why fat fighters have dangerous hands? ... The gut of death!

Do fat fighters naturally have more power in their hands? This video from the martial arts YouTube channel 'MindSmash' explores that theory in detail.

Many high -evel fighters out there carry around quite a bit of body fat. Fighters like Fedor Emelianenko, Mark Hunt, Roy Nelson, Kelvin Gastelum, and even some boxers like Tyson Fury and Butterbean. What's one common trait that those fighters share? They have devastating knockout power, that they've used to finish most of their fights.

So is it possible that all their power originates from their bellies, or the 'gut of death' that the video humorously calls it?


According to this video, that is exactly where all of these guys' power comes from. All that weight around the belly area is in very close proximity to the hips and glutes which is really where punching power comes from, not the biceps and triceps like many casual fans believe.

If you can somehow time the transfer of weight in your gut forward when rotating your hips when throwing a punch, it may very well be plausible that it can have an effect on punching power. However, to what degree is yet to be definitively determined.

So does that mean we should all be getting big, fat bellies if we want to improve our punching power? Probably not, as being overweight not only has a negative effect on our health, but hampers our endurance, and as well as limits our speed and mobility which are other important factors in fighting.

Still, more research needs to be done on whether fat bellies really have an effect on punching power, as technique and natural ability most likely play an outsized role. Still, this is over very, very interesting theory.

"Martial arts more than smashing another person. It's even more than a way of life. It's a microcosm for life, and through art, science, philosophy, I simply wish to express that." [Source: YouTube]

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