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5 times bullies started trouble with REAL martial artists

From Brazil. to the USA, to Turkey, bullies meet the pros.
5 times bullies started trouble with REAL martial artists

5 times bullies started trouble with REAL martial artists

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Street bullies or criminals usually only get away with their behavior for so long before the cruel mistress known as karma comes along in the form of the law, a good Samaritan, or even a vigilante. Running into a martial artist, however, probably takes the cake when it comes to karmic tales of revenge. Today, we’ll be looking at five examples of when the tables of justice turned on street thugs in a big way.

5) Robber gets locked up in triangle choke by small female MMA fighter

Strawweight fighter Monique Bastos was on her way to Jiu-Jitsu training with two other friends in Acailandia, Brazil, when two men who wanted to steal her cell phone attacked her. Of course, they had no idea that Bastos was a professional MMA fighter. One of the men literally cried out for his mom after Bastos locked him up in a triangle choke as she waited for police to arrive to arrest him.

4) Memphis Security Officer unleashes hell on street thug

An off-duty Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) Security Officer took on a street thug named Morgan Turner after he received complaints that Turner was harassing multiple women outside the bus terminal. The officer, known by his friends as ‘Karate’, has definitely had some professional training by the looks of those crisp combinations he’s throwing.

In an odd twist, the loser in this altercation spoke out.

3) A thief tries to rob 72-year-old BJJ Coral Belt

One day, on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a thug decided to target an older man and rob him. However, this thief had no clue he picked the wrong old man to mess with. Meet Edson Franco Penteado, a 72-year-old 8th-degree black belt (coral belt) in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Keep in mind that a coral belt is only awarded to Jiu-Jitsu masters who have been active black belts for over 30 years. Of course, this thief hadn’t the slightest clue. After taking the thief down, this Jiu-Jitsu master full mounted him and proceeded to lay the smackdown on him until police arrived.

2) MMA fighter fights back against robbers at gas station job

In Houston, a group of criminals calculated exactly when a gas station employee was coming back with a bank bag full of cash, but what they didn't know was that his coworker was a mixed martial arts fighter. Mayura Dissanayake— a national champion for five consecutive years in his home country of Sri Lanka— was behind the counter when he noticed the attempted robbery and went charging outside to help fend off the attackers with his decade of mixed martial arts training. After knocking a few others down, Mayura put 33-year-old Odell Mathis into submission and waited for police to arrive to arrest him.

1) Turkish boxer takes out 4 guys at once

In 2007, an Azerbaijani Turk bank security guard named Nuh Demircan got into it with several people in Yozgat, Turkey over bad driving. In media interviews, Demircan identified himself as a boxer, and the footage below of him laying waste to several attackers back up that proclamation.

Watch in amazement as he drops his foes like flies— one after the other.

The local press dubbed him ‘The Turkish Rambo’, and for good reason by the looks of this video. This guy is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Technical Breakdown:

Demircan knocked out a mob via several key methods. One, he developed knockout power through his boxing background. Two, he managed distance by back pedaling as necessary, while keeping his weight set forward, a challenging skill. And three, timing. He caught the mob members as they moved forward. The cumulative effect was a wonder to behold.

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