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Learn how to do the 540-degree kick in only 5 minutes

What are you doing for the next 5 minutes?
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Learn how to do the 540-degree kick in only 5 minutes

Learn how to do the 540-degree kick in only 5 minutes

Martial Arts such as Taekwondo and Capoeira are well known their very flashy, impressive and gravity defying kicks.

Although these kinds of kicks were thought to only belong in the likes of a Hollywood or Hong Kong action film, they have been proven to have practical use as shown in numerous mixed martial arts fights in recent years. The best example is the 'ShowTime' kick authored by former UFC champion Anthony Pettis, which saw 'Showtime' run up the cage wall like a Ninja and land a kick to the head of Benson Henderson.

So how do you add a kick with a bit of extra flash into your striking arsenal to impress your friends or even strike fear in your opponent in the cage or ring?


In the following video tutorial, tricker and kicker Lucas B. shows you how to perform a 540-degree only five minutes.

Throughout the tutorial, Lucas B will go through each of the steps in thirty-second intervals to help you pull off 540-degree kick, including how to pivot yourself properly, how to drive up your knees up, when to spin and the proper stance.

Check out the full tutorial below.


Also, check out this short video of a kick-boxer successfully knocking out his opponent with the 540 degree in highlight-reel fashion.


(Please note Lucas is a trained professional and you should practice this move at your own pace.)

Lucas a bestselling author, Bboy, Free Runner, Tricker, Bodybuilder, Semi-Professional Fireman, Speed Reader, Astronaut, and Bro. You can follow him on Instagram and get daily video updates via his YouTube channel. You can also contribute to his Patreon to get exclusive content

Author: Nic is a designer and illustrator alongside being a martial arts enthusiast. You can find some of his illustrative work for purchase here.

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