The traits that would create the PERFECT MMA fighter

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Virtually every professional-level MMA fighter, especially at the UFC level, has certain techniques and attributes that they are really good with, and some techniques, even with elite level championship fighters, that are not so good.

For example, current UFC lightweight champion and megastar, Conor McGregor, has a wicked left-hand punch, as highlighted in the video below, and is obviously an elite level MMA fighter. However, he is still far from perfect.

Endurance has always been an issue for McGregor. This was seen displayed in both of his fights against Nate Diaz (though he still won the second one), as well as in his boxing super-fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

McGregor’s ground game too, while not necessarily a ‘weakness’ per se, is not at the elite level like someone like Fabricio Werdum’s is.

But what would happen if you could take the best traits from a variety of fighters to create a hypothetical perfect MMA fighter? This video explores that idea and breaks down the fighters with the best abilities and speculates on what the ‘perfect’ MMA fighter would look like.

As previously mentioned, the perfect MMA fighter would certainly possess McGregor’s straight left hand, which is surely the best in the game. But what if, in addition to that, that fighter also possessed the ground game of someone like Demian Maia?

Not only that but imagine if this hypothetical fighter possessed the chin/toughness of a Roy Nelson or a Mark Hunt in addition to the kicking ability of someone like Edson Barboza.

That fighter would certainly be unstoppable and would really be something else to watch perform. Perhaps in the distant future with the advancement of sports science and medicine, all fighters will be ‘perfect’ as speculated in this video. But maybe, on the other hand, MMA wouldn’t be as fun to watch if so.

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