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No-Touch KO master is blasted by Chi ball, and reveals 2 energy moving words,

Harry Thomas Cameron, who has very long black belts in several different styles, is one of the most inadvertently comical figures in the history of martial arts.

Grand Master about to get blasted by actual Hadouken.

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Mystic Warrior Martial Arts founder Harry Thomas Cameron, a protege of Grandmaster George Dillman, is called The Human Stun Gun, by some.

The 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo, and 4th degree black belt in Hapkido, hold black belts in several different art styles, and appeared on Steve Gadlin's Star Makers to demonstrate No-Touch knockouts, and more. He was accompanied by his student Samantha.

Here Grandmaster Cameron's claims are questioned by FOX News Chicago; future UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar has a cameo.

And here is Grandmaster Cameron's grandmaster, George Dillman, when National Geographic investigated.

The touchless attack is universally claimed to work by disrupting the victim's qi.

Qi is a hypothetical energy field, the body's life force, which flows through hypothetical channels called meridians and was first postulated in prescientific ancient times to explain why people are alive and inanimate objects are not.

Qi has no describable or detectable properties, and the only evidence that it might exist is the anecdotal claims of believers who say they can sense it.

Yet even they cannot describe it, and cannot detect it under controlled conditions.

So while we can't state that qi does not exist, we can state that its existence has not been demonstrated.

No-touch chi ball

No-touch chi ball

There are certainly spots on the human body that are vulnerable to injury or that produce sharp pain if struck. The family jewels are one obvious such place. The nose is another.

There are various techniques for damaging knee or elbow ligaments with relatively little effort.

Various spots on the body produce involuntary reflexes if struck properly, making it possible to force the victim to release a grip or move their body in a certain way.

But there's nothing magical about any of these, and they don't depend on the existence of a magical energy field.

There have been sham-masters like this in every aspect of life, it is natural that some of them would try to capitalize on people's belief in the mystic, and martial arts to granting some sort of supernatural power.

Sadly, there are plenty of people who feel this way, plenty of Martial Arts practitioners that believe in Chi manipulation, Dim Mak, and that a 60-year-old Grandmaster couldn't enter the UFC because he would kill people.

Don't be one of those people, looking for half moons in their fingertips. It's pathetic.