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Fighters and martial artists have engaged in competition since time immemorial. That reaches its peak in mixed martial arts, and has proven to be an excellent means to determine what works, and what does not. Call that martial arts in the arena.

However, the rise of cell phone video and security camera footage has opened up a second means to determine the efficacy of any particular martial art, combat sport, or technique. Call it martial arts outside the arena. This can be roughly divided into several main categories:
Self Defense;
Mutual Combat;
Dojo Storm;
Stop Bullying
Bullchido - the opposite of what works; and,
INFORMALS, seen below. Participants engage in contests held, often loosely, under boxing, wrestling, MMA, etc rules, outside of any established sporting organization. Location can range from the gym to the backyard to the beach. Informals can range from gym fights and smokers, to friendly if aggressive exchanges of technique.