Hell’s Angel gang member vs. HUGE biker with pro boxing skills

Hells Angel biker picks a bar fight with a giant heavyweight boxer – things get UGLY FAST

This barroom brawl between two bikers looked like something out of an episode of the ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ drama show and sent one of them to a hospital with multiple injuries.

According to a police report, John Remington, a member of the notorious Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was sitting at the bar having a drink when 56-year-old Carl Justice Nordstrom, also a biker who was not affiliated with a club, entered the establishment, along with three other companions.

Remington, who’s seen in the video wearing the famous Hells Angels patch on his jacket, approaches Nordstrom, and at first, things seem to be cordial enough as the two shake hands.

However, a tense standoff follows, and then Remington instigates a fight by suddenly shoving the significantly larger Nordstrom.

Remington had picked the wrong guy to mess with though, as it would later emerge that Nordstrom was a former professional heavyweight boxer, whose career had begun in the late 1970s and resulted in a 10-2-2 record, including 8 wins by knockout.

Nordstrom’s punching power is clearly evident in the CCTV footage as the first right hook that he throws floors the instigator, with a left following immediately behind it.

One of the bar’s bouncers, seen wearing a blue shirt in the video, tries to intervene, but he too is assaulted, and then Nordstrom continues to beat up Remington to the head and body, with his companions keeping bystanders at bay and occasionally kicking the grounded biker.

Nordstrom then dragged Remington to the exit of the bar and repeatedly opened and closed the door against his head according to the official report.

The whole altercation lasted less than two minutes, and afterward, Nordstrom casually walked back over to pick up his jacket and helmet before leaving the establishment with his cohorts.

Police were able to arrest Nordstrom shortly afterward and charged him and two other companions with disorderly conduct. Nordstrom was also charged with possession of a knife.

Meanwhile, Remington refused to press charges against his assailants despite being taken to hospital suffering from a broken nose, shattered ankle, a suspected fractured leg, and various lacerations to the face. He too was charged with disorderly conduct.

Renegade biker CJ Nordstrom speaks about violent clashes, in the ring and out:

For the record, police revealed that this was not the first time Remington had hospitalized a member of the Hells Angels gang, which led to both the state police and FBI closely monitoring the situation after fears of reprisals.

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