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Featherweight MMA fighter shows how to defeat a GIANT

Featherweight MMA fighter vs. GIANT - sparring breakdown
145lb MMA fighter demonstrates how to defeat a GIANT

145lb MMA fighter demonstrates how to defeat a GIANT

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Fighting against a much larger person can seem like a daunting task, particularly if you are not at a very high level yet in your training. Your strikes just don't seem to have the same effect they usually do and every time the larger person connects, even with a glancing blow, it hurts way more than it should.

However, in this video from YouTube channel MMAShredded with professional MMA fighter Jeff Chan, we get some tips on how to defeat a way bigger opponent that can make it easier on ourselves, be it in the gym or in self-defense.

What's cool about Jeff's advice here is that it's not just theoretical, we see in the video below actual sparring footage of Jeff taking on a huge opponent and putting his theories and strategies to the ultimate test.

Perhaps one of Jeff's most important strategies here to use against a much larger opponent is using your speed and your footwork to your advantage and also to prevent yourself from being cornered.

Being cornered by anyone is never good but you definitely do not want a huge opponent all over you and teeing off on you while your mobility is taken away so it's definitely important to keep moving and using your footwork.

Staying calm is also another huge factor against any kind of opponent, but perhaps even more so against someone so much bigger. Against a bigger opponent, especially if you start getting hit, it can be easy to get flustered and panic but it's important to keep your composure and, like Jeff says in the video, have belief in your blocking ability and your training.

Check out the video below to see Jeff's other strategies that he uses to fight a giant opponent.

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