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The Craziest No-Touch Chi Blast you have ever seen

If your school, dojo, gym, kwoon, or academy practices this, you should leave.
The Craziest No-Touch Chi Blast you have ever seen

The Craziest No-Touch Chi Blast you have ever seen

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Boston's Kinetic T'ai Chi master Heg Robinson obtained his formal training as a classical master in the Yang form of T'ai Chi Ch'uan through his masters, Master Chu Gin-Soon, T. K. Shis, T. T. Liang, and a host of others. He founded the Roxbury T'ai Chi Academy in 1973 and teaches T'ai Chi as a martial art.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, he got off track, and took at least one student with him.

No Touch Chi Blasting is a crock. If No Touch Chi Blasting had any validity whatsoever, the person who established it would easily win The Nobel Peace Prize, for so radically increasing humankind's understanding of itself.

There is no evidence what so ever for the existence of No Touch Chi blasts. And proving it would be very nearly effortless. Proving or disproving alien life on other planets somewhere in the Universe is complex, and indeed impossible to prove one way or another. A Chi Blast master needs only to blast a skeptic - any, among the billions on the planet.

No Touch Chi Blasting is psychological, basically a form of hypnosis. Indeed, hypnotists regularly perform No Touch Chi blasts, but because they have integrity as human beings, it is not presented as an exhibition of something mystic. Anyone who tells you that No Touch Chi Blasts are real is either so profoundly gullible that they are not worth having the conversation with, or they lack integrity. That is the choice - stupidity or a disgrace to the martial arts.

There is no middle ground.

Chi Blasting only "works" on what at best pathetic Chi Blast master George Dillman referred to as "Non-Believers" on a National Geographic episode debunking his claims. If you think Chi Blasts will work on you, you may pass out, or do the hokey pokey all around. In a group situation, the delusion can be even stronger. The pass outs are a product of conditioning - people believe that what they are practicing is real, and when they see other people falling down it only reinforces that misbegotten belief.

But if you don't think they work, then they don't.

Thus their use in a self-defense situation is nil. If you are being attacked and the criminal believes in No Touch KOs, and you somehow announce mid beating that you are about to unleash a Hadoken and then do, it might, possibly, work. But criminals are not that stupid, sadly.

Thus No Touch Chi Blasts are much worse than useless.

If the martial arts school that you attend so much as hints that No Touch Chi Blasts work, then you need to leave that school and never come back. Self-defense is a serious business, with potentially fatal consequences. No Touch Chi Blasting is either stupid or fraudulent, or both.

In all seriousness, if anyone at your school is teaching this, leave, immediately, and never return.