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My apologies to the man in this viral martial arts fail video

I want to apologize to a martial artist that we made fun of.
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We put up the video as part of our Fail Series. There were guffaws, with people questioning the gentleman's gi, technique, black belt, martial art, honor, and hairstyle. Someone said he looked like RiffRaff from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

But then Matthew Mounce came on The UnderGround Facebook page, and explained what happened.

Matthew B Mounce 
Greetings I am he

Matthew B Mounce
Fourth degree American Kenpo Karate
United States martial artist Hall of Fame class of 2015
Masters Hall of Fame 99-2000

When I did Rob Dyrdek's show he told me that he had contacted Home Depot, and two years before I brought the bricks they started putting a resin hardener into all of their concrete. They are the only company to do so. The one that broke was like pulling out a slab of concrete from the sidewalk and snapping it with an elbow shot.

Sadly every one of the TV shows that has offered to let me tell my story has screwed me over and made me look like a moron, but the martial arts world out there that actually knows me - unlike what these people online know - that is one break I've done over hundreds of times over a 35-year career.

Two weeks later I did 3 or 4 breaks on Tru TV and turned the bricks to dust. All martial artists fail that is how we become better, we all fall, we have the grace to stand up and continue on. If we quit everytime it didn't go perfect, there wouldn't be a black belt around.


I had not competed in over 15 years, pushing 20. I went to the same old place that I brought my bricks at on a regular basis, not knowing that two years before I bought these, they had changed the formula in their concrete. They are the only company that does this now.

Trust me, if I would known about the resin hardener I would have bought something else. But it really does drive me crazy to see these people out there that call themselves black belts that have said they have never failed.

We learn from failure. That's a fact of life, especially in the world of martial arts. You don't block right, you get hit, you learn to block right. You don't kick right, you hurt your foot, you learn to kick right. You make mistakes, you get better.

I have never run from my mistakes. I face them and learn from them. That's the Way of the Warrior.

I know who I am and what I've done. But I'm quite enjoying the comments. Oh and I'm an alumni of Midnight Insanity - The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast, so ...

Thanks...Love Riff Raff

But the rapper ....Sucks


Mr. Mouncey is not a fraud. He is a well-meaning martial artist of long standing. Because of the brick mixup, he is often equated with actual frauds, like Shaolin Kung Fu grand master Bruce Silva, who was exposed by news anchor Steve Uyehara, of Hawaii News Now.

Matthew Mounce is a hardworking martial artist who, like thousands of other well meaning people, was led to believe that breaking was a great way to demonstrate fighting ability. It's not, obviously. What's the point? Is it good practice for punching sleeping people in the head? However, many people are impressed by martial arts breaks, and there is no reason to subject people to attempt difficult breaks to ridicule.

So I want to offer my humble apologies to Mr. Mouncey, and thank him for setting the record straight. They say in rodeo that there was never a horse that couldn't be rode, and never a rider that couldn't be throwed. Same thing is fighting - on any given day, anyone can lose. Nanakorobi yaoki. And in his defense, he did break one of the hardened cement blocks. 

And that said, the frauds like Shaolin Kung Fu grand master Bruce Silva, and others who try to pass off parlor tricks as proof of martial arts ability, those buffoons deserve all the ridicule on the Internet.

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