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Phillips taking precautions so there's no wardrobe malfunction, again

Female UFC fighter had to take precautions to prevent another Reebok wardrobe malfunction.

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ZUFFA was an extraordinary company - it raised mixed martial arts from a sport where a UFC weigh-in was conducted in a bathroom, to one where weigh-ins got up to 8,000 spectators, and are broadcast on ESPN. 

However, into every endeavor, a little s*** must fall. There is perhaps no more baffling decision in ZUFFA history than The Reebok Deal.  

It was clear from the opening that they had hired a young, brilliant, aggressive three-man team to lead the effort.


Reebok MMA apparel design team leadership

Reebok's opening media event felt like nothing so much as outtakes from Zoolander 3. The designs appeared inspired not so much by the world's greatest sport as by the game of UNO.

If your two favorite things are MMA and Uno, why not combine them?

If your two favorite things are MMA and Uno, why not combine them?

Twitter reacts to Reebok Fight Kit unveiling

Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good

There was this official Men's Reebok Conor McGregor Black UFC 246 Legacy Series Walkout Jersey for $60. Props to the UFC for recognizing the genius that is the UG's Bob S.


There was the tee that left Northern Ireland off a map of Ireland.  The tagline was, "Show your UFC territorial allegiance."


There was a shirt for the famous fighter Anderson Aldo.

Reebok issues statement on latest snafu

If you summed up the entire Reebok Deal in a single word, you could go back to the beginning - Giblert.


Among the worst of it was the goof company couldn't even prevent wardrobe malfunctions, in a sport where people are trying to hurt you.

On July 25, 2015, at UFC on Fox 16: Dillashaw vs. Barão 2, Reebok failed an athlete - and the sport - badly.

Women's bantamweight Elizabeth Phillips won a unanimous decision over Jessamyn Duke, but in the process, she suffered through a wardrobe malfunction, in both the first and the third rounds. Once the poorly designed sports bra slid down, and once it slid up.

Once is terrible, twice is a disgrace.

Ellizabeth Phillips
Elizabeth Phillips

To repeat, Reebok was a disgrace.

"It's pretty low cut," said Phillips of the Reebok bras, as transcribed by Marc Raimondi for MMA Fighting. "I feel like they're doing it to make us look more feminine or reveal us more or something. I don't know what the point of that is, because there's no reason for it to be cut so low where it's all the way down like this when most bras don't do that. I'm definitely gonna double up this time, because I definitely don't trust their bras."

"It happened and it's not something I'm super embarrassed about. I'm proud of my body, but I know people are going to go, ‘Oh my God, my nipple popped out.' I don't really get embarrassed that much. Not about something like that, even though a lot of people probably would."

"I don't really talk to Reebok personally, but if I did I would give them s*** about it. It's funny, because I've never had a problem with bras fighting before."

In good news, the UFC replaced Reebok with Venum, and Venum is awesome, every bit as tremendous as Reebok was disgraceful.

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