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Major wardrobe malfunction in judo class brings the laughs

Gi drops and eyes pop in this dojo in Odessa, Ukraine.

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Naked & Funny is a hidden camera prank reality television series with erotic twist, developed in Ukraine in 2005. The Candid Camera meets Benny Hill premise creates compelling content, without the need for dialogue. In sum, boobs popping out are funny everywhere, in every language, and even, as seen below, in the dojo.

Wardrobe malfunction in Judo class brings the laughs

Wardrobe malfunction in Judo class brings the laughs

The series was wildly popular, syndicated to over 40 countries, and regularly tripled or quadrupled the host's market share. It was the #1 series on Comedy Central Netherlands and Comedy Central South Africa, outperforming many famous US sitcoms with vastly higher production costs.

There were 325 episodes, the most of any hidden camera series in television history. In all, there were some 3,000 gags, played on approximately 50,000 victims. All pranks were filmed in Odessa, Ukraine.

The content covers a huge variety of situations including the gym, bowling alley, retail establishments, tennis courts, and outdoors, as well as on the mats.

Ukraine has some strong judo players, most notably 2006 world champion Georgii Zantaraia. Thus it is no surprise that judo made an appearance on the series:


There are some obvious questions.

Q1. Was there ever accidental or accidentally on purpose contact between an actress and victim?
A. Yes, twice. Once a victim grabbed a boob, and once a victim kissed a pranking actress's butt.

Q2. Who are the actresses?
A. Talent on the series include Lidiya 'Lida' Krasnoruzheva, Olga Pavlenko. and Alina Buryachenko.

Q3. Did anyone ever rip off the concept?
A. Yes, twice. But neither was successful, due to production quality, talent, and copyright issues. In sum, having boobs pop out is tougher than it lools

Q4. Is it real, or are the "victims" in on the act?
A. The producer's reply is, "If you like our comedy gags and our beautiful set-up girls, don’t waste time guessing if our gags are real or not. Come to Odessa to our set, you will become a 'victim' in one of the gags. Then you will make your final verdict. But now, enjoy the show! Watch Naked&Funny!"

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