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Top 10 MMA wardrobe malfunctions and mistakes

The top 5 MMA wardrobe malfunctions and mistakes

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The MMA world has been fortunate in the fact that wardrobe disasters have been few and far between over the years. They are so rare in fact that when one does come along, it does not stay unnoticed for a second. From Ronda Rousey’s famous “almost” moment to Dennis Hallman’s bizarre choice in fight wear, in this list we give you the Top 10 wardrobe malfunctions mistakes in the MMA World.

10. Ronda Rousey’s almost moment

At UFC 157, Ronda Rousey hosted her own coming out party as one of the most popular figures in Women’s sports when she made her hotly anticipated UFC debut against Liz Carmouche. This was a historic moment, and one that millions of people from around the world tuned in to see. Unfortunately for Ronda, she was also debuting a new sports bra that she did not have time to try on beforehand. As a result of this there were many moments throughout the fight when Ronda’s top nearly came down to reveal her ahem “assets” to the entire world.

A particular close moment came when she had Carmouche clamped on her back and her top was being stretched. Rousey had to adjust her top several times during the fight, but it didn’t distract her enough to stop her winning via 1st round armbar, catapulting her into stardom.

Carmouche: I'd be surprised if Rousey vs. Carano lasts over 10 seconds

Ronda Rousey’s almost moment


"I was thinking about my bra, actually," said Rousey to Ariel Helwani on Fuel TV's UFC 157 post-fight show. "I kept thinking, 'I didn't order this one myself,' so they gave me my weigh in bra for the fight. If you look back, I was adjusting myself at one point while she was on my back. Multitasking!

"I felt fine with her on my back. I was thinking more about keeping my sports bra up while she was trying to choke me. I felt very safe and in control even though it didn't look like that."

9. Tim Sylvia’s P-oops

During his fight at UFC Fight night 3, Tim Sylvia suffered from ill-fitting shorts syndrome. Although the former Heavyweight champion’s shorts came down, they did not reveal his bare ass as he was wearing compression shorts underneath, what a relief right? Well, not exactly.

Instead, the Spike TV viewers were treated to a clearly visible brown stain on his compression shorts.

Tim Sylvia’s poop Stain

Tim Sylvia’s poop Stain

And it gets worse ...

8. S*** Happened at Ruckus In The Cage

As the Ruckus In The Cage video begins, we see Travis Wolford (known forever after as “The Brown Bomber,” with opponent Daniel Cooper in top side control, raining down blows. While the referee warns Wolford that he must improve his position or the fight will be stopped, The Brown Bomber is able to initiate a scramble.

Then things go from bad to disgustingly worse. As Wolford tries to scramble to a better position, Cooper locks on a guillotine choke and appears to - literally - choke the s*** out of him. Although debate among fans rages on as to whether it was Cooper’s choke, or Wolford’s foolhardy decision to attend a chili cookout in the hours preceding his fight (as Wolford has since admitted to have done) that caused the unplanned, in-cage, log cabin building, MMA experts and gastroenterologists alike agree it was likely a combination of the two.

Ater Wolford taps and Cooper relinquishes the hold, Wolford stands and leaves a trail in his wake, causing one woman in attendance to audibly retch and explain, “oh, my god! I’m gonna throw up!”

The Association of Boxing Commissions there after passed a rule that any fighter who would release the body fluids will forfeit the fight by technical knockout (TKO).

7. Alexis Davis’ Thong

Back in January 2013, rising bantamweight women’s contender Alexis Davis took on seasoned veteran Shayna Baszler on the Invicta 4 fight card. In a fight of the night performance, Alexis choked out Bazler early in the first round to secure herself as one of the top bantamweights in the world.

This performance also earned her a spot in the UFC, an impressive feat sure, but what most remember from that impressive performance is the fact that Alexis decided to wear a black thong instead of the usual compression shorts.

Alexis Davis’s thong

Alexis Davis’s thong

Unsurprisingly as soon as the fight hit the ground, Alexis revealed her little number to everyone in the crowd and at home. How a thong could be comfortable during a fight I don’t know, but then again I have never worn a thong…

6. Valerie Letourneau Mysterious Cage Stopping

Valerie Letourneau and Joanne Calderwood put on an awesome fight at UFC Fight Night 79, with an odd ending. Letourneau turned her back and darted away, as Calderwood sprinted forward, landing a knee to the butt, and a face punch. Meanwhile the commentators continued speculation that Letourneau had taken a stunning punch to the breast, while goofs on the internet pondered whether Calderwood's kick had perhaps broken a breast implant.

Letourneau was not impressed with all the chatter. 

"I want to clarify something, my daughter told me what the commentators were saying during the fight, and I felt insulted," she began on Facebook.

"I have been practicing martial arts for 17 years, so I have no problem taking hits to the chest. It is the rule, and it isn't worse than a low kick! My only problem during the fight is that my bra literally slipped under my breasts. This is why I stared, embarrassed, at the referee, and I have no idea what Jojo told me, but I had to keep fighting. It seems that I was being mocked because I seemed to be complaining of blows to the breast. I think that I have nothing to prove regarding the numbers of hits I can take without complaining.

"Guys, would you be able to keep fighting without being distracted if one of your nuts was slipping out of your shorts? Anyway, it does not excuse my defeat, but I wanted to clarify this part of the fight!"


The fighter then clarified her remarks further.

"Ok, now this is a big misunderstanding! When I talk about my top went down I'm talking about the first part of this video," she wrote. "JoJo won the fight fare and square with a body shot about a minute after, when I turned my back and she knock me out with that elbow and spinning back fist."

So to clarify, Letourneau explained that the beginning of the end was a body shot, but earlier in the round when she stopped suddenly, it was because of a wardrobe malfunction, not the mysterious effects of a strike to the breast.

5. International Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions are not excluslusively the province of the USA and Reebok. At RIZIN Fighting World Grand Prix 2017 Autumn, Miyuu Yamamoto and Irene Cabello put on an excellent fight, that was 

The video:

The screenshot:

4. Angela Magana Suffers Reebok Indignity, And Injury

UFC’s Angela Magana lost via TKO to Amanda Cooper at UFC 218. The fighter went toe-to-toe with Amanda Cooper, with Magana ultimately suffering a TKO loss to the fighter. During the match up, Magana found herself on her back as Cooper was in her full guard. However, Magana quickly found herself in another situation entirely as the fighter suffered an unfortunate UFC wardrobe malfunction.

Magana’s Reebok sport’s bra was pulled down from one side, exposing the fighter to the over-head camera on the live broadcast. The fight was halted, so that Magana could be given time to fix her sports bra.


Reebok UFC apparel going awry was a pattern.

3. Dennis Hallman’s Banana Hammock

At UFC 133, Dennis Hallman decided he would wear a pair of fight trunks not seen since the early days of the UFC, and for good reason. Now, fighting in a pair of skimpy trunks presents opportunities for serious wardrobe malfunctions, malfunctions that unfortunately came to fruition during the fight. Balls could be seen, let's just leave it at that.

Dennis Hallman’s “trunks”

Dennis Hallman’s “trunks”

Incensed, Dana White labeled the incident as disgusting, very nearly fired Hallman, and banned such trunks from ever being worn inside the Octagon again.

2. Elizabeth Phillips vs. Jessamyn Duke Malfunction Malfunction

Elizabeth Phillips took on Jessamyn Duke at UFC on Fox 16 on July 25, 2015, on the fight pass portion of the event. During the fight, Phillips suffered not only the first full wardrobe malfunction in UFC history, but also the second. It happend in both the first and third round, both times when Phillps was on her back.

Elizabeth Phillips double “nip slip”

Elizabeth Phillips double “nip slip”

Elizabeth Phillips double “nip slip”

Elizabeth Phillips double “nip slip”

Still, regardless of the distractions, Phillips won a unanimous decision. Maybe it’s a lucky charm? Reebok rightfully received the lion's share of the criticism for the incident.

1. Leslie Smith vs. Raquel Pennington, The Mother of All Wardrobe Malfunctions

Leslie Smith vs. Raquel Pennington took place at Invicta Fighting Championship 4. Fans saw Smith and Pennington, as well as Carla Esparza, Bec Rawlings, Alexis Davis, Shayna Baszler, Amanda Nunes, and JoJo Calderwood in action. And they saw more of Smith than anyone had intended.

The top she wore indicated that something might go awry, and it did.

"OOAAOOP something's showing," explained color commentator and UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten, who sat cageside, facing the action, and politely looking away. 

Co-commentator and matchmaker Julie Kedzie was likewise taken aback.

"For those of you at home, this is a professional event, and attire is an important thing to take into consideration," she said.

Then the round ended. Smith, ever the warrior, kept her opponent on the cage, throwing shots for almost 30 seconds, with a wardrobe malfunction. And won the fight.